We Are Brand-builders

We Are Brands is a brand-builder company – a collective of thinkers, doers, designers, and engineers. Our mission is to build great companies. Not only for the customers, but also for the people that work in them. We like a good challenge and are not afraid to unleash our creative thinking.

We Are Remote

We Are half-and-half a remote company. Our origins started out as a remote company, but as things progressed we decided to open up offices. Today roughly half of our collective is remote. We allow our team to work anywhere in the world they choose – we encourage exploring and getting out of the office. This enables us to team up with some of the best people from all around the world and they get to choose the environment that works best for them.

We believe the workplace of the future is digitally connected, unbound from physical locations and highly dynamic.

We Are on a Mission

We Are Brands was founded in 2013 by Joel Azzopardi and Kenneth Dreyer. Ever since we have been steadily growing into the company we are today. We’re still 100% founder-owned and have no external investors.

Both Joel and Kenneth were working corporate jobs and wanted to create a company that was different. A company where the culture supports your growth and inspires you to do better. A company where “blue Monday” doesn’t exist. A company that balances your life and work better. A company where they would rather work.

A company with great brands, built by great people.

We Are Learners

Building great digital brands is not easy and we are in constant need of new knowledge and insights. The fundamental of our culture is built around a strong focus on learning and room for making mistakes. We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Do something for the first. Make something and then break it. Study different fields. Walk the unbeaten path. We've yet to discover everything and the world is for the taking.

We encourage learning!

The values that guide us

1. Customer obsessed

We want to provide great customer experiences. Treat customers like human beings, do good and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Pursue a Growth Mindset

Learn new things and push the boundaries. Take a leap of faith. Be proactive and challenge conventional thinking. Never waste a good mistake.

3. Be Passionate

Love what you do. We want this to be an adventure where you can feel bold, driven and to have a purpose. Make sure your fuel is passion.

4. Be Remarkable

Aim to be leaders and not followers. Make passion your fuel and love what you do. Take responsibility and challenge your comfort zone.

5. Teamwork

We are stronger as a team. Respect those around you, always listen and be open-minded. We all have different stories to tell. Ownership of the jobs-to-be-done belongs to all of us as a team.

6. Have Fun

We’re about creating fun and embracing each other’s differences. Enjoy your workplace. If we don’t then why are we doing all of this?

7. Good Business

We must be good citizens of planet earth. Do the right thing, choose the ethical route and lead with integrity.

8. Think Long-term

We are in this for the long run.